Its friday, another weekend is coming and its time to look forward for September… what have you archieve this month? If you haven’t. dun worry… you still have a week of August. go go go.. go do something you want to do but not done yet…

Alright, my group and I did what we are suppose to do… today is the due date for “The Page” assignment. Everybody did finished they work and handed it to lecturer. The page is about a research on a famous interior designer/decorator/industrial design/architecture, they philosophy and products. I did a designer board-The page on a interior decorator, Sister Parish..

Okay,Im forced to upload this photo  by the LovELY PHOTGRAPHER!! Samueelll!!!

 I was talking to someone then he snap without letting me know.. so now you know the true(exterior) me lor.  wahahha..

Anyway, the board Im holding is the designer board I mentioned..

one of my drawing.. I HAVE TO PRACTICE MORE ON DRAWING!!!

Agaaiin, class finish early … passed up assignment after briefing for the next assignment.. its only ten thirty whereas next class is at three o’clock. Make a guess where we go to spend our time?

its red box again. hmmphh…

Let the pictures do the talking… =)


going to attend workshop tomorrow… = wake up early!!!

enjoy your weekend.