“I always wanted to tell you that……………”

Replies from-

Lian Hwa: ….happy to have a friend like you.

Grace Wong:….I LOVE YOU!! You are the best friend always! I miss you you here in Brunei… Hope you are doing well in KL! Hugs! God Bless!

Winnie: ….I don’t know who you are because I dont have your number saved in my contact. Tell me who you are and I will write another one.

='( winnie… its me la. sob sob..

Susan: ….you’re always being my best sister the whole time! Hugs. Muacks. Hehe.

Ee Lynn: ….You are indeed a very very good and caring friend. and I really appreciate you and I Love You.  Sa Rang Heh!

Sharon: ….you are always the best no matter what happens. thru ups and downs, we’ve been thru, we will always remain as sisters. its a new world out there, stay strong all the time.. dont let others defeat you cos I want you to remember that God is also there for you. Imiss you, sister!

Pin Jia:  Its you saying to me ka? If its like that then, “Jia darling, I always wanted to tell you that you are the love of my sunshine of my shadow, bla bla.. Love You!

Jia.. its you tell me la.. so u owe me one oh! Im waiting..

BingBing:…. Now Im very annoy, answer will delay until next week…

Roxane: ….your bum is as big as mine!LOL

Ryann: …. you are very Lame..

Grace Yee: ….earth is a dangerous place to live in and God bless you!

YewWeng: ….help me do assignment… haha.


Thank you for thr replies dearly friends!! Funny and touched replies!

hey hey… if you dint receive this message from me to ask you to complete this sentence… don’t hesitate to drop answer in the comment ot the tagbox. =)

note the date of today? 20.08 2008

off to drawing.. =p