it seems like Sunway is our favourite place to hang around. yea, class finish early again today as we only have tutorial, we(5 in a group) presented the lecturers what we did so far with our “designer board” and comment were given by lecturers. we were the second group to present, we were allowed to leave after that so we went off to Sunway, which is around 11pm. and the afternoon class is at 2pm. Seee.. got so much time. NO LIBRARY!!!!–except for Thursday!!

 Lunch at SS15, Asia Cafe. nearby Taylor college, Metropolitan College and Inti College. we went Asia Cafe for lunch but not in Sunway Pyramid because it cost more in Sunway Pyramid!! Since, Taylor is just infront of the cafe.. I decide to contact friend who study in Taylor college. Only get to contact Andrew..I think the others went back to Brunei lor. Yea, did met up with Andrew after his class for awhile.

Then, the 6 of us in one green Myvi car.. went off to Sunway Pyramid. Roxane wanted to buy a flip flop (one of the reason to Sunway) and she managed to buy one. its pink in colour with heart shapes and really suite her. After that I suggested that we should go take photo(by the sticker photo machine).. everyone agreeed so we JUST GO, since we still got one more hour before class ( previously we took 2-3 hours to finish everything (snap and edit)…) haha. this time.. we used less than 45 minutes!

so here’s the photo.

I like the photos!!.. everybody looks GOOD and PERFECT!!! 

Im going to blow everybody off! wahahahha.


I look extraLarge in this photo. look at the top, so many faces.. haha. Funny!!

Everybody signed!! Love my name, I mean the font and the highlights!

Hahaha. match?This is really funny.. especially Ah wei’s!

Oohh.. we were late for class for 10 minutes.. but lecturer weren’t start teaching yet, waiting for us perhaps…haha..  

That’s all for today..

woohoo, tmrw no classsss but there’re assignments to be complete…