Wednesday, Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment launched an exhibition with the theme ‘Reflection” at the campus exhibition hall. The exhibitor were representatives from different semester, they showed they drawing, models and others on they own boothe. Two of my classsmates were choosed to be the exhibitor, Roxane to show her drawing class masterpieces and Firo were sharing her Creative studies portfolio, Im still proud of them tough they din’t win the exhibition. I were asked to be a receptionist that day, my task is to invite visitors, guests, lecturers and students to sign the guest book. Scroll down for more pictures of the exhibition…

everything is ready.

lecturers preparing for “Cocktail party”

ribbon cuting and red carpet for opening.

Roxane and her mom at Rox’s boothe a.k.a The dark Room.

One of my favourite of her drawing… rainbow-edited.

receptionist, I wore all black.. somehow they I said I looked like lecturer. (means I look old?) =(

mwah sign-ed on the guest book too. =)

students waiting for the guest and president.

people giving speech, I curi tulang and enjoy makan at the back of the panels of the exhibition.

One of the student showing her work to Tan Sri Lim.

Tan Sri Lim sign-ing on Roxane’s biography board. She’s lucky to have Tan Sri signature and only she got it.

“you take picture of me, I also take picture of you lor. haha.” were very busy taking photos too on that day.

double ‘R’.. roxane and Ryaann. It seems like Rox is not happy to see Ryann.. but Ryann so happy maybe because he get to sign on the guest book. haha.

group photo of exhibitors, guest, lecturers and students.

Makan time!!!

see her happy face???!!! reward from her mom.. and she blanja us with steamboat.

a group photo of us with Rox’s mum, Semester 2 coursemates who attended the exhibition. very little people went cause there’s no class on that day plus some of them dunno there’s exhibition.

That’s all bout the exhibition.