Kau melodi yang indah, menusu di jiwa, tanpamu hidupku tak bermakna…


Yesterday=Friday, class finished at 10thirty and the afternoon class start at 3pm, we got so much free time so we went to redBox in Sunway instead of going to the library to do research.

This is my first time to redbox.

I called my high school senior, Pey Yi to ask about the price. (cause they go oftenly so should know) must check price first before going. Yea, it cost 10rm per person with lunch and karaoke. We sang from eleven thirty to two thirty, worth it right? and Im/we are addicted to red box.. I want to go again!!!

its already called redbox, what more to guess bout the colour of the interior. haha.

Okaaay.. warning: thiss post will have a lot of his pictures. I tell you, you will fall for his voice if you hear him sing. He sing very Well!!!  Going Redbox with him is to hear him sing not to sing. I enjoyed hearing him sing. see the color of our shirt and the graphic-a bear on my shirt and bears on his shirt. Im bigger in size so my bear is bigger too. and he is small in size so the bears are small in size too. see… How Lame is my friend?

Im waiting for you also!  =S

 nice pose right? banyak stlye arr..

I Loveee his Voiceee!! Even guys also love his voice, whatmore to say the girls?!

pertemuan yang tanpa diduga…

engkau bak lagu dan aku bagai irama…

bersatu kita merwarnai hidup bersama..

tanpamuilanlah nadi kita berdua

menderita tiada haluan…


He sang the Chinese part and I sang the malay part.

Love this song. and Love singing with him. but.. duet with him, very pressure arr.

people who alsways bully me!!!

Yea Peace!! he never pose like that infront of the camera before.. I think its because he sang too much. hais.


*pssst winnie!!!

singing sad song!!??

still happy after allll..

calling his parents?! haha.. neh, calling the waiter. =)

hope he won’t see this!! =S

enjoy singing and enjoy food.with just 10ringgit in Red Box during weekdays.

sing. sang. sung.

RedBox, here I come again.