Second time. This is the second time beeeing hurt by the person. The person, I had forgave you for the first time, which I had tried so hard to forgive you. Person, this second time.. I dunno how la? I’m telling myself that I should forgive you this time too.


I thought I will be very strong this time but I still couldn’t control the watery dropping from my eyes.

I have to be alert and not let people bully me again.. eeeee~

I think I have too lovely friends in Brunei and never experience this kind of *problem* till I step out to the another side of the world.. yet. there are still few friend who are always beside me to support and encourage. Thank God for them and that there are always beside me.

Few months In KL.. Its like riding on a roller coaster, going up and downs.. on the same time learning and expereience it.

and friend sorry for hurting you. (you know who you are).. I will cure the scar that I had hurt you.

if there’ s any  grammar mistake or what, please forgive.. I’m just typing out what is in my mind right now.

Good night.