HeeLooww..  Low Low Low~ this song is in my head now. hahaa.. every DVD player /Mp3 is playing this song.. what mre to say the shopping mall.

My back hurts but Im still here to update my blog. Semangat yeah! I went to KLCC with course mates today to the Interior Design Fair. Well, it is much more on selling all those living usage.. houseware.. it is not like what I thought- got designers there.. showing they products. hmm. Anyway, I still enjoyed. As usual, holding a camera with me snap here and there, so here come pictures of the day…


Kimberly drove and we reached KLcentral around noon. We went KLCC by LRT from KLCentral.

Air Asia Bus in red parked on the left of KLCentral.

to LCCT, bus in yellow waiting for passengers on the right.

don’t have to worry no transport la, kL- apa apa pun ada.

Ticket.. apa kan? ticket also want to take.. blur blur somemore.. haha. That’s me! =)

here comes the LRT after waiting for few minutes.

bored me, then take picture-inside LRT. surprisingly, not many people today, which is unusual as today is Sunday.

Woohhoo, reached KLCC.  took this at the KLCC park..

walking into the Hall. Look at this two sweet-in red couple.. I see Forever Love in them. like just married. hahaaaa.. notice so many people wore red. to suit the banner?

SHE does not only stands for Selina Hebe Ella, the girls band. its also stands for…

Save Healthy EcoFriendly home.

cute? found this in one of the boothe.. When I was young I played with yellow chick. Not Greeeen/blue/pink chick. haha.

i dint take lots picture in the Hall, nothing much in there too.

after KLCC, we went to Bangsar Village’s pasar malam.. bought fruit and some food.

then balik rumah.. everybody so tired..

saw this on the way home. Like fat woms arr..!! haha.. no idea what’s that…

friends who have not seen me for ages, incase you miss my beautiness face. there you go..~ haha.

Enjoy ur weekdayys.. =)

* Deniss Cheee… study smart for your upcoming exams!!! Jangan putus asa yeah!