I wish I am at home now with my family watching Olympic Live on Tv with popcorns together.

Hmmmphh, just got back from dinner at Mamak near my hostel with friends, have dinner while watching Olympic opening ceremony. Thumbs up for the opening ceremony, China successed to show they culture to the world… Good!! I believed they start preparing two years ago. ” Two years practice one minute performance.” Well, I dint know Brunei is not in the opening ceremony, I waited so long=patiencely!!

8.8.2008– a lot of couple engaged on this special day! so, I come out with this… I will/planned to get engage on 12.12.2012… hahaha. Kidding. Im not even graduate ar that time. haha. Tomorrow, if you go to school, you will be question, example of question like “eh, got watch olympic last night?”, “What do you think about the opening ceremony last night?”, ” got see lengzai.. erm, USA team.. got got?” yea.. that’s the question I might as or ask by friends in High School time!! =) right?

Okiee.. will stop here.. i’m sleeeppyyy… Good night!