everything is settle. fees paid/made. and get ready for Semester 2!!!! means I passsed my semester 1. I passed my history, Woo! I would to thanks to my parents, my history teachers in primary and secondary! hahaha… and I got one whole day freeee in sem2, no class on wednesday because Im exempted for Bahasa Melayu, once again..I would like to thanks to TV2(malay subtitle in cantonese movies), my malay teachers in primary and secondary… =) Owh, my results are moderate compared to the others. (anway, im competing with myself)…but im Not really satisfy with it.hmmph.. I dint get credit for my english for ‘O’level.. and guess what, I scored A- for my english in sem 1. unbelieveable? see the difference between Malaysia and British standard? =S anyway, my Dad said “GOOD” for my results and eveything is alright. He’s the man who only can say anything before others do. and people who got better marks.. dont laugh at my results. Its just the start… Take my  word!!!

registry were held at Hall of fame.. future Interiordesigner, Interiorarchitecture and architecture-seniors, juniors and lecturers were all there. all are FABE student. (FABE= Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment) Long queue in order to register, Thank God.. I paid my fees in Brunei.. if not, It will take half day to finish the registry and payments…


Im planting this(Magic Bean).. were told that it takes 7 days to grow. hmm.. Will see how long it actually takes to grow! will record the process by taking picture daily and show you guysss.. =) Red bean with “Love” and white bean with the word “Joyful” is mine. The rest is my housemate.