Jane Company?”

I think most of you ate before or heard about it, J.co donut… the famous donut with it delicious taste. Customer would spend hour queue-ing up for it. You can get it in Pavillion and Sunway pyramid, Malysia. There’s J.Co in Jakarta and Singapore too. They serve coffee too. If you eat right after you bought the donut, THUMBS-UP!!. (eat in they shop lor, go feeelllll arrr..) some people even used donuts as birthday cake(18th years old=18 donuts), creative! erm.. being creative don’t mean that donuts can be use as “ring” for purposing ar!!

we bought Double Deal (2dozen) because its cheaper and shared by 4 person.

Woo~ feeelll like having one? its yummy. take a bite and a sip of green tea. and you will feel like you are in paradise.

Heart- for all of you. =)

i think this is new flavour “Mona Pisa” taste like pizzzaaa.. (Donut-Pizza)??

that’s how we share out, then everybody get to taste all the flavour. the knife not sharp enough, after dividing and cuting, have to pull own share. =) Oh, this is mango flavour with mango cream in the middle.

will try the donuts with they coffee someday!! we finish a dozen per day. the next day we woke up, ants were found enjoying the donuts too, we dint put in the fridge. but still edible after soooh-ing the ants off. then put in the fridge.. the taste not that nice after puting it in the fridge. bt still enjoying. =)