WooOHhoo.. Malaysia is now on Mega Sale.. Buy Buy Buy.

Super cheap all the nice nice clothes, dresss… 50 to 70 percent.

bought a skirt with “M” size ,less than 25ringgit. bought it in Padini.. I wont buy any shirt from theereee when its not Mega sale. =) and a three quater pant at Jusco. wooHooo.. that’s the problem of Uni without uniform. hahaha.. (Lay blame!!)

Okaeee.. wil update more tomorrow.

gootttaa wake up early tomorrow to school for registration.. and cant wait to meet classmates. Yeah!!! haha. some come back only today… Im here earlier for one whole week = spend lots money. again.. I dint spent on unnecessary stuff. =)

Im well already, Thaanks for the care friends.

Good night