sore throat sore throat…

I thought im well already…

 then eat crakcers..

now, my throat super duper pain.

 feel like chopping it off.



Internet connection are so bad here eventough is stated as excellent. by the way, im using router (Maxis) …

cannot sign in to msn… =(

even Brunei also improve, got broadband liao (read Winnie’s blog for more)

sigh. cannot blame also hostel far from town, that’s why connection not good. 

shouls i get broadband? its so fast, go anywhere also can use… and its EXPensive!!! hahaha..

Friends, now you know why my msn keep sign in an out now… sorrry..

will try to get a better internet connection. =)


My room is cleaned now… so comfortable. hehheee..


Laughed a lot today, that’s why throat super duper pain lor..


roomate is back this morning.. cant on volume loud loud le..


spent banyak $$$$ today.. but not on unnecessary stufff…


that’s all for today.


sick me. Jane