hey, yeah.. reached KL last night around 11pm. and yea.. its alone journey again.. sigh. something wrong with roomate’s passport couldn’t pass immigration.I can choose not to come back yesterday but air ticket sayang leh. and should be more independent eventough dislike alone journey.hmmph..got tears!! I couldn’t control.. boarding-plane—> headache, wanted to vomit. sigh. always like that! reached after 2 hour.. looked around.. dint see my cousin. kanciong eh,(no one pick me how? use taxi-so late liao.. not safe weh, erm, if not alone will use la..) called my cousin, WHat!!!?? phone barred… can’t make any call or message.. Then I approached to a taxi driver to borrow phone lo.. (i thought about5 time before borrowing..) (hear my heart beat!!) pob pobbb… pob.

me: uncle, can borrow phone, I want to make a phone call.

taxi driver: can, but u have to pay me.

me: ok.

taxi:what’s the number?

(i gave him the number and he dialed, wait till my cousin answer only he pass me the phone)

I was on the phone with cousin for 1 minutes or maybe few seconds only.

me: how much?

taxi driver: 2ringgit

me: I got talk so long? ( not that expensive de lor, local call)

taxi:eh, just now u say u will pay de ma.

then I gave him the money and went away, hais. MONEY MONEY!! ‘ketdao!!”

my cousin is late for 20mins, waiting alone at late night very scary.

while waiting daddy did called. happy to receive his call..

cousin arrived and send me to hostel(asked him to pick me up is a last minute, cause my roomate is suppose to come back with me, got accompany then can use taxi ma), he came all the way from Cheras to pick me up.. so good! well, erm.. not really close to this cousin de.. cause, he worked in KL since Im 5 or 6 years old. and he seldom balik kampung. good la.. now its time to know this cousin better. haha.. Oww, the girlfriend in the care worh. hahaha.. I get to see her.. and my mummy who want to see, dint get to see. ~blehzz, Mummyy.. you come KL la.. then can see.. then sun pian cook for me!!

yea, thankz to YII SIAN, ENG KEE and CHAO.. who helped me wth my bags back to my unit. so latee liao still help!! THANK YOU!!! =)

open door or my unit, first expression: WOW!!!! so dirty… !!!

while we were on holiday, hsemate brought friends back.. nevermind, at least clean it up la after that.. aiiyoo. dint even clean.. still left evidence(the person who came in wrote her name on the table!) plus, there’s a pregnancy test/tube on the sofa.. oh my!! adui dui dui..

my room is dusty after a month.. gotta clean up!!! woohhuuu..


Everything that happened, there’s purpose behind lor.. (everything is in God’s hand)

-my phone barred and I get to contact my cousin.

-waiting for 20mins, God is testing my patience.

-my cousin pick me up, then we get to know each other better.


*Pin Jia and Lynn.. thank you!!! – this two girl who worrrid bout my safety.. asking”how I go back hostel?” and “who pick you up?”   


that’s all for today.