a great holiday I had.. Thanks to family, girlfriends, friends and Yfers.

this are the girlfriends, who are were so busy with study and exams.but they are also the one who make my holidays fun!! =D where’s Grace, Judy and Susan? Grace, absent queen!! hmmph, luckily she managed to join us for the last gathering in Escapede… =) Judy?working.. then seldom join us If we hang out at night. you wouldn’t want to know how hyper is she at night, maybe that’s one of the reason her parents dun let her go out at night. Susan, in singapore.. Nvm, wait arr.. when you come back.. will have gathering again. alright? hehee.. IIIMMM GOING TO MISSSS YOU PPppLLL!!

taken at Escapede. bah, Grace, save the pic from here.. I lazy send. hehe.

another one Graaceeeyyyy”pig”! =P save it.

crazzzy time, that I will miss.. no one will crazy with me at KL leh, all serious serious ppl.. plus, all older than me! hais.

Loveeee  you gals.

Oohh.. another sister. SharonCheng.. haha.

see, I never forget you… remember what we have promise each other oww.. remind ur sister yea!! today is 23rd of July… =D start today. yea kah? make it 5kg? hahaha..

Adeline- I will wait for ur e-maill.. =) church buddy will accompany you end of year..*smile smile..

aulait, tiramisu latte with my name. =)

fellowship with Yfres.. hmmph… Old gang!! we need catch up weh..

woosh, so fast.. and its time to go back to KL=study.. nyway, I still got 8 more days before school starts.. they dint tell us properly when school starts lo, see now I ended going back early. aiyyyooo.. ='(


“Uni might not be what I imagine.

Sometimes you have to let people go,

There is a time for everything,

and being challenged to grow is a good thing.” -unknow author.



yea.. .. all the best!! Jia you. “aja aja fighting!” to you all…

alright people.. i should go check everything, make sure I don’t left anything important..

I’m fully charged now and ready for the new sem…


Thanks for the prayer and support people!!