this morning.. after breakfast, I opened the fridge.. and gueessss what?! I saw, a big bottle of GINGER BEER!! =D  Oh, mum.. I LOve YOU!!









double check double check..!!! look closer..!









Yea, correct correct…


Yea, so this willl be my last sunday in Brunei before I go back to KL.. went to church, did leading in BS..

After church, went to “ROCK LETTER”(jadesigne’s language) =Batu Bersurat..with Grace to watch bball match and later met up with Jia, Karen and Judy . jia you MSS!!! defeat the rest..!! hahaha.. About 7:15pm, game ended and stomach start to grumble.. its raining, so Lynn and her mom pick us up and we dine-in at Escapede. we are suppose to walk there de so that can eat more.. but raining. Anyway, we ate a lot also lor. stomach bursting. “pin Jia, felt the pressure in her stomach!”haha.

later Winnie came and joined us right after she reached Brunei from Miri..

Grace and Lynn.. in the waiting room. the design of the waiting room is simple and nice.

Jia, Lynn,Judy(at the back), Karen, Winnie and Grace.. where is Jane?

blue plate: we din’t order that leh..then everybody so fulled.. can’t eat liao. so Judy take away lor…

total bill- $102.. thanks Jia for offering the discount card! =D without discount card.. it will be$112.

guess this will be the last gathering with friends before leaving..

actually got few more picture to post.. but dunno what happen, can’t post. nway.. I’m sleepy also.. go dream first.. =D

 Pin Jia, Thanks for the password.. if not I will not be able to be here right now.. Thanks a lot. =D