this is what i want to drink la.. went to cheezbox with Karen, S.Wei and Judy.. and saw this only after finish eating, so dint get to order. =.= dint see it on the menu also leh.. hais.




cheez box. haha,i think my friend/reader will complain to me again. cause Its FOOD again. they complained  that I always post about food. (hey,cause the owner of this blog love/good in TESTING/EATING food ma,haha..) also I will take photos of food before digesting. so got lots of food’s photos lor. =)  dun get tempted by photos, sometime taste are another story.

baked chicken with spaghetti, red original sauce-taste bit sour, cause Judy not taking second try.

vanilla ice-cream with pan-cake-hahaa, originally they dun serve like that de.. I put the bubble on top of the ice-cream.. look like eyes! unless you are thinkng the other way round then it might look like some other stuff. =/

S.Wei and Karen. see something shocking? or you see a real apple popout? S.wei, frindge is kinda cool..Fashion ma. Its natural de.. He kinda dislike it but I think its nice, special.. STYLE!! dun care what other ppl say yo!


after cheezbox, off to swensons for ice cream. Oh,we walked a round at 3rd floor before going for ice-cream. need digesting.. then can eat more. hahaha.. Puiking joined us later at Swensons.

‘tasty’ ice-cream.. hmpph, suppose to be ‘famous’ eh. one of my cousin which I have not seen him for ages, work as a chef in Swensons, Singapore. proud of him, after working for years, now he bacame the captain, incharge of everything in the kitchen.I asked him to come here and work.. he did taught of that too but he later said that, its more mafan here.. cause have to be halal and not fresh, come in packaging. Which means, more dishes are served than here.hmmph..anyway,be glad cause you get to eat in Swensons in Brunei.

guess what we ordered? actually we are having candle night high tea. hahaha. kidding la.. that’s for melting the chocolate..

5 flavours were served, we choosed vanilla, butterscotch, biscuits and cream and .. forget the other two flavours, anyway.. we managed to empty the plate.

cheery chheerrry.. looks good. but nobody like it or even taste it except me… they said its not fresh? but it is fresh and nice. If will be better if you dip it will chocolate. marshmallows,waffles,bananas, cherries and strawberries were served with the ice-cream.

Dip dip dip.. haha. few times I burnt my tongue, forget the chocolate is hot.. dip and just eat it. haha.. too kanciong. =S

banana with chocolate, the best. and its my FAVOURITE.

today’s strawberries were fresh. good day….

haha, burnt mashmallow..luckily Swensons is still alive!!  Karen, taught she’s having BBQ.. see, wasted liao lor.. haha. Kidding la. you/we learned sumthing today yea..

all cherries were gone in few seconds after cheerrry lover came.. Chong Pin Jia!! =D

yeah, met Stephanie and Michelle in Swensons too..

alright, gueess will stop here.. tonight’s yF will be at Sharon’s place.. to prevent from YFers getting into traffic jam, as there’s pasar malam in town, where most people will go tonight, as tomorrow is sunday. and Im going for tea wth the YFers after YF.. they said I always spent time with myFriends and no time for them worh! hais.not I dont leh.. You guys don’t ask me out ma?! or I’m too busy?!haha..

Its weekend, are you bringing your love ones to Swensons after reading this post?