were invited to ‘Le Swan studio’ by Chloe for the opening ceremony of the studio which is now running by her mom. Congratulation and thank you for inviting. When I step in the studio, it reminds me of the HipHop class I joined with the Yfers last year in VC Jade studio.kinda miss it.well yea,uni do have dance class, I didn’t join because it was crashed with class time.dancing really can help with releasing stress and also sliming. There were instructors and aunties dancing just now, from they expression, really can see how they enjoyed dancing much.

Come on, Let’s dance yo.. MUSIC PLEASE!!!

“One two cha cha cha…”

as you know, studio right, mirror all around right.

So don’t blame if we were vain,

told yea.. mirror= girls lover.


leng lui, ‘Dancing star’..should watch them dance!

advertising for “xxxx Jeans” apa-apa brand also got. =D

after that.went to Fun Wok, lim teh… and met JHy Haou=the supervisor

he look good with that costume, and his hardworking.. serious..

never see him so serious before lor in class.

totally like another people.

keep it up, my friend!

Fun Bread, Fun Donut, Fun Wok. all belong to them.

really Fun ar!