thunder!! heavy rain so gotta do a quick update.

this morning weather was fine but not now..

i took this picture this morning, after breakfast at Gadong foodcourt then stop by at Selusop, Daddy take his shoes and while waiting in the car, i took my phone out, to entertain myself, took few pictures… and the outcomes were not bad!! Love the angle..

blue sky, white cloud…

Wide.. FREEDOM!!

any idea what the cloud look like?


I’m so sleepy today, if you would to ask me to sleep for the whole day, I will definitely fulfil your wish!! After come back form breakfast, went to bed again.. woke up around lunch time, get ready to go church. Thank God, I din’t fall asleep in service.. hmmph, i think its because of today’s sermon topic that keep me awake.. will share with you guys some other time. =D

will end with this lyrics…

Before the world began,You were on his mind.

And every tear you cry, Is precious in his eyes.

Because of his great love, He gave His only son.

Everything was done so you would come.

Nothing you can do, Could make Him love you more.

And nothing you that you’ve done, Could make Him close the door.

Because of His great love, He gave His only Son.

Everything was done so you would come.


Come to the Father, though your gift is small

Broken hearts, broken lives, He will take them all.

The power of the word, the power of His blood.

Everything was done so you would come.


Enjoy your new week.