reasons for not updating blog this few days: being malas and couldn’t on9


I took a nap at the wrong time, I slept at 4pm and woke up at 6plus.. after I woke up, I feel so not good.. especially my head.. should be doing exercise at that time but so sleepy. have been waking up sooo early this two days..(so long din’t wake up so early liao, HOLIDAY BAH!) went to help up the consultant service agent with education fair.. in CHMS and SAS. (I MISSED MY HIGH SCHOOL LIFE!!!) I enjoyed helping in the education fair, sharing mwah experiences with juniors and introducing collleges/uni to them..

I wore the limkokwing t-shirt to the edu fair.. helping with the agent giving out vouchers, the limkokwinguni and inti college representatives were late.. somehow kena complaint. but they still smile smile.. then the inti college guy saw me.. he turned to the guy, representative of limkokwing then he said: ” Eh your stuff!”(so loud) I gave them a smile and thought that I shouldn’t wear that shirt.. I went to greet them then.

me: Hey.. Jane. (shake hand)

guy: Hi.. i’m John.

those students(bro’s classmate) beside laughed.. I smiled and told him my bro is also named after John.

yea, met new people from edu fair… some from KL, Kuching, Miri.. they represent various of colleges and uni .. I din’t expect to get paid for helping the agent in the edu fair lor. Since at the first place she asked me to HELP her, HELP mens help ma, no need give salary ma right? Nevermind, at least I do earned other than spent spent during this sem break. (right, y.Weng?) =D

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