me: No, No, No.. i dun want to go.. (dun like jogging, prefer swimming and bball)

papa: go la, go with me.. mummy go wth aunty Jo. you go with me..

me: dunwant.. go swimming la.

papa: where got ppl swim so early..

me: got.. swimming pool open very early!

papa: listen to me, we go jooging the after that we go breakfast.

thinking for few second. (got breakfast wor.. and can take picture also ma, early morning shots are nice)

me: ok la.. go la go la..

(Daddy used breakfast to persuade me) *parents know they child/children well..

so yea,  woke up early.. then went to Tasek Lama to Jog, Tasek Lama improved lots, i suggest they should change the name to Tasek Baru! There are still some part under construction. I think will be done before the end of the year, so at the end of the year when I come back again, must go see. I jogged with Dadyy at the down part for 5 rounds, dint go up, only mummy and aunty went up.. I walked very slow, cause I take few shot of pictures while walking/sweating.

walkway/path.. last time were in cemens, now wider and new.

exercise exercise exercise.. burn calories(human’s enemy)

after an hour of exercise, stomach.. started to grumble. (after any exercise have to wait for an hour before taking any food, if not exercise will be wasted lo) so went home to bath (ngam ngam one hour)…then went to WYWY for breakfast.

that’s what normally daddy do, after ordering.. waiting for  serving. He will read newspaper. his look very serious oh! after breakfast, went home then here am I blogging!!

I’m feeling slleeeppyyy… and TIRED now!!

till here then =)