the only thing I don’t miss in KL is Giant supermarket… hahaha. I just got back from Giant. I guessed everyone go there this few day is to see the F1. same here, being curious.. asked my mom to bring me there. Nothing special tough but maybe for guys who loves car la, my bro is one of them.Then, went to get some grocery… There’s nothing difference between Bru’s Giant and Mly’s Giant.. except for the price(dollar and ringgit).In Bru’s Giant, all those stuff is considered cheaper compared to other supermarket but Mly’s Giant, the stuff are much more expensive compared to Tesco and Jusco, which I usually goes to for grocery.Well, I took few pictures just now. (myBrother keep asking me to take his picture today and gave me big hint-‘Jie, this pic the caption you must write like this like that!’) I din’t even say I’m going to post up those picture leh or maybe he know me well, that I will post up those pic?! kekeke… nway, scroll down for pictures.

there you go, the F1. can you imagine if your boyfriend drive you out using this car?! but impossible la, cause only one sit nia.

“Vrroomm Vroomm VRoomm..”

must do tthat sound effect when you see a sport car.. =D (according to Kim)

nice drawing at the blackboard de,eventough is simple.. i like the colours, very sharp. there’re lots of simple yet nice pictures drawn by chalks on blackboard that can be found in Giant, go check it out when you go there shop, don’t just concentrate on those things for sale. =p

LOOSE rice, will I lose weight if eat this type of rice? hahaha..

Funny face.. he dint pose for the camera, I just snap it. and his face turn out to be like this. hiak hiak..


playing with the trolley…

its really fun leh.. I’m Old, I can’t play!


Owhkay, Its 1am now, I’m suppose to be on the bed before twelve(mummy said).. caring for my health! so, will stop here for this post.. enjoy reading.