Owhkaaayyy, Today. as I have nothing much thing to do so I decide to update the photoalbum in my friendster(its updated, go check it out!) of course, editing must be done first before uploading it.

Edit-making picture much more intersting! agree?

edit picture takes time… so must have patience de. I start loving photography since I got a camera, which is like 2 years back. i do Editing by photoshop, I learnt it from Winnie (do check it out at her blog, preeety much artistic photos and also good editing photos) and also editing photos using Picasa, UC send me that software, which is useful, erm… making side blur blur, creating a focus point. Love doing that recently…

Below are some of the picture I edited this afternoon.. let me share it!!

Fruit boothe, taken in Sunway Pyramid (KL) Fresh fruits?!!

Rose, lovely?

walkway, with green environment.

colourful tong yuen.Look good, taste good!

Green and waterfall.. a small pond.

took this at coffee bean… nothing special bout this pic

but the focus point is sharp(with colour)

for more, check it out in my friendster acc yeah.. =D


Its 4pm now, I’m suppose to go fitness zone, play bball with Sharon Cheng,vince and bro..anyway, Its canceled due to lack of players and kinda rush, as tonight is YF port-bless dinner at UC’s residence.yeah, fellowship and Food, oOpss!!! hahaha..

that’s all for today. ciaoz people.