…. reunion/gathering/meeting up with oldieess classssmates/frieendss… couldn’t be neglect or its our traditional, after coming back from overseas study for holidays. Everybody sat together, looked at each other.. spot if there is any difference compared with last time… prettier,handsome,slimmer??? than chitchat.. share experiences… stories..?? all full of laughters!!

Slumber party at Karen’s residence

where am I?haha.. I’m not inside.be they photgrapher.. This picture looks very cheerful because of they prettyy smiless..


Lovveee white wines!! CHEERSSSS!!

Tun Lik and Daniel.coOl?

 if this picture is taken at the green field, the result will be coOler.

gals with they cute pyjama..

Hang out with my gals…

hahaha… advertising for Sunsilk!! I miss my long hair. =(

at chessseeeboxxx.

weekend at Miri.

with Kyew motorbike which he always ride to school.

at coffeee bbeaann.

siiiinnggg… DArlie.

mirror= girls lover…

Owhkay.. gotta stop. If I continue again… i will be posing up all the photos. hahaa.. That’s all for today. gotta go get ready for tonight leadership meeting. ciaoz people.