I saw this picture, while browsing on my picture’s folder then I decided to blog. I’m glad/proud that I have this people as my friend, they were making a fishing trap.FOR JANE CHING, so that she can pass up her portfolio completely.

FridayTHE THIRTEEN(submission of portfolio)… Everybody carried a black folder and models, walk in to the classroom, to pass it to the lecturer. When I was about to hand it up to lecturer.. ‘Jane Ching, wheree’s your fishing trap?”said the lecturer.(not even flip through yet already know what I dint pass up) OH NO!!! Lecturer don’t accept my portfolio cause is incomplete without the fishing trap. NO PORTFOLIO MEANS I HAVE TO SEE THE SAME LECTURERS AGAIN NEXT SEM!!! (retake/fail) No,I have to pass it up today, I told myself.  I sat aside and thought how to solve this problem.. friend asked me to join they group randomly, print the picture of the fishing trap then submit.BUT its impossible, the lecturer already know I din’t submit the fishing trap.. howcome in a sudden I got a fishing trap picture… =S The only thing I can do is go back to hostel, find natural materials and do a fishing trap and hand up the portfolio up before the end of the day. I dislike the feelings when teacher rejected my works/portfolio..

On the way back to hostel, see preetty leaves then stop beside road… plucked those beautiful leaves.(sorry leaves but my portfolio important also la) Then start doing lor… I only sticks the leaves together, no idea how my fishing trap is going to look like… Beloved classmates did everything for me!! TOUCHED!!! actually they can rest or do they own stuff, as they passed up they portfolio already.. but They were there to help tough there are tired.LOVE YOU ALL!!! AND THANKS LOTS!!! If not them, I’m not sure if I can hand up my portfolio on time…

picture on the left is the fishing trap, I managed to submit in time… Phewww, the lecturer gave me a smile!! means everything is Fine and portfolio submitted. Not bad wah, can catch fish kua… hahaha.Reasons I dint submit the fishing trap early, cause I thought its not important(few marks), and they were two member in my group were in sem 2, its difficult for us to meet up. We did gather once but dunno what are they thinking la, go here buy this buy that…we are suppose to use natural materials. and I still got other assignments to be done leh..(Lay Blame) anyway, everything is done liao… no worries!!!

Thanks classmates who helped me with this.. THANK YOU!!! hugz.



That’s all for today…