Wooohooo, went to MidValley and Sunway todaeee. Spent spent spent money… get some goodies(and took pictures) for besstty friends in Bru..and Oh, I Miss Brunei…bbuuuttt I know if I go back Brunei, I will miss KL. diang~can I split myself into two?!!it will be good If I can, haha.. Jane Ching so daring, tomorrow got exam stilL can go shop and update post!!! Well, tomorrow ada english test. Blog to revise english ma.. =D Yeah, holiday(sem break) coming soonn…  Woo, I’m going to have one and half month holiday, what can I do leh? gootttaa plan ssoon… make a list!!! Its impossible for me to get a part time job back in Bru. Yea, work can earn money ma.. not I dun want to work leh… who employ me.. I’m underage wa!! plus I am Malaysian woO.. wonder if my dad alllow me to follow him to work ma.. haha.. goo explore explore in his workshop. Good idea right??!!than I can learn something also ma, rather than wasting time at home….

Okie. I’m tired and running out of words liao… wait, before I end, Let me introduce you guys this ‘wei da’ dude(picture below). who bought a mega cute monkey for his beloved girlfriend..see the way he carried it.. walking everywhere at Sunway with the toys. Guys nowaday really can do anything for the loves one.. or not? haha..