Hey. a relaxed weekend I had.. the guys were back to they hometown.Peaceful Day for us(da girls) to clean  up, buy groceries, girl’s chat!!! Anyway yea, so Friday.. had the 3D model presentation, comment from lecturers: Bad drawing, the 3DModel saved my markss!! to be honest, I did my drawing last minutes… (eaalryy in the morning of the presentation day) =S

Presenting you J’s 3Dartwork…

Not a good or special one I would say but It is better than the previous one, I cut my finger while doing this model,aaarghhh… after the cut, no mood do continue liao.Lukily, I got this besstyy friends to cheer me and help me to continue. Thanks Dudes!!

Friend’s artwork. cOol?

throw here throw there… everybody rushing for assignments. hmmph.. dun worry, we cleaned up today. =D

Look alike. Name after the name Jane

The people who cheer me up always.

beloved classmates. going to miss you people this holidays…

Thanks for the supports throughout this sem.

Hoosh, after the presentation… my heart beats normally. then off to celebrate at Pavillion.

Nando’s mushroom soup, not bad!! pssst.. I know how to cook mushroom soup liao oo.. taught by Kimbo the Chef.

” Every food is like a piece of Art” hmmph… this quote suit both of us.

I miss Brunei!! Pavillion’s Home sale various of Interior design products.

Woosh, went to Sungai wang and Lot 10 after Pavillion… experienced walking in KL late night, windy.. lots of people and colourful neon lights… Oh yea, went to watch Movie in Pavillion’s cinema the movie called “the orphanage” it a horro movie, I don’t watch horo movie one Okay.. but no choice, they all want to watch… so I go watch also lo.. 1st thing I do when I sat down. – take my phone out, plug in headset, on songs.. listen then sleep…  = I slept on the comfy cinema sofa for the whole movie. I dislike horror movie!!!anyway, I enjoyed my sleep!!! wakakka…

The next day (saturday):

went to few Butik at Bangsar village… Surprisingly, all the clothes there are cheap

love that dress… testing nia, cannot buy =$

then to MidValley,lots of people.. Its weekend plus public holidays( Agung’s birthday).

Giordano, 4 hours sale( buy crazily, 40% discount leh).. kena warned  by Giordano’s sale girl while taking this pic. haha, this is not my first time..banyak warned experiences.

Kungfu panda..watch already? heard they said is nice o.. =D

haha… went to this printshop and saw this baby’s pic, so decide to imitate.. Chubby Chubby.

Cinnamon cheesyyy bread, dip it with ice-cream of any flavor will make you fly to the sky. =)

Potato chips in stick. banyak flavour.. i tried the cheese de.


Did clean up… and changed bed’s position…






Next week: tuesday- Moral studies exam.

thursday- english presentation

friday-portfolio submission



Enjoy reading about my weekend.

Have a nice weekdays.