Hey… recently late night, always go for supper.. hmmmph.. Why supper? do assignment till late night, then hungry… go makan!!! no lar.. won’t gain weight!!! won’t!! (comforting myself) =D  hahaha… Old town cafe, the common place for us…

I want my Food!!!

The beauty of having Double Chin!! Don’t be like me people. =S

Tiles. Mosaic… went to buy tiles/mosaic this afternoon, for material board assignment… Hoo~ apparently, i dint buy any.. why? because each person only can buy 3 tiles.. me and my friends took 2 tiles each person, they don’t want to separate receipt for us… then become each person more than 3 tiles.. asked them separate, they don’t want.. then we don’t buy lo.. ( look down on student? or because they are going to close soon? separate receipt.. so difficult?) NEVERMIND!!! I can buy it from other places!!! I told my dad about this.. haha, he wanted to send tiles all the way from Brunei for me.. touched!! but can’t lor, due date this thursday PAPA… Nevermind, I will solve it myself.. No worries!! =D

pretty tiles… hmmmph.. they Don’t sell it in a piece.. sigh, if want… have to buy in square feets… that’s too much.. I only need a piece la.

Kimbo with Islamic pattern tiles.

I want this…!!

Smile Smile… Do I look fair here?

I’m at Old town again… blogging, good connection… Oh no, will come here everyday to go online… haha. (online with food!!!) shhh…. Don’t tell Mummy.

Sam, what’s wth ur face..?


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