hhmmph. Its raining again. Its a good time to sleep.but I can’t sleep… when I closed my eyes, images of incomplete assignments flowing in my brain. How to lseep leh..? but sleepy wor? sleepy, How to finish work leh? Nowadays, or maybe this few month.. I used to go to bed late.. the earliest 12am.I asked myself, my body system can tahan ma? I know is not good to sleep late but no choice leh, work have to hand up tommorrow wor(last minute).. of course have to finish la. later late, minus mark.. how? 

got my intro to design grades today… all B accept for models, which I got C for that. I really have to improve myself in making model. Think more Inspire more, JANE CHING!!!

I realised that most of my post are talking or complaining about assignment.. haha. see how assignments have drive me and also my classmates crazy… but one thing I’m happy with is my classmates who lived in the same hostel with me, we always get to do assignments together… That’s the fun of staying at hostel. ( but I miss brunei home !) doing assignments alone is bored and tired. They makes me energetic. and assignment turn out to be fun. credits to you people…(Kim, Sam, Yvonne, Yweng and Ah Jyn) We only knew each other for 3 months.. but It seems like we had knew each other long time ago.. Well, I supposed if we don’t do the assignment or hang around, we wouldn’t be that close.. also thankz to Kimbo, who always willing to drive us here and there to shop and explore. This semester is going to end soon, glad to have you people and also other classmates as my friends.. Thanks people. Exam’s here, study hard first and we play hard later yeah.

Kimbo -Thanks for being my side, when I need you… I appreciate your precious advice.

Sam- bring me go makan makan.. see I gained weight liao la. Haha.. You’re good in introducing nice places to eat… Keep it up.

Yvonne- Roomate, have been spending much of the time with you… Thank you for the care.

Yweng- I will be more independence!!! do your best in your exam.. then you can get a car from your parents liao lo.. =D

Ah Jyn- The conflict between us… I learned something from there. Hope you will too.

other classmates, thanks for being friendly and treat me nice. Thank you. I learn a lot from you all.. there’s more to go.. This is only the first sem. Don’t give up yo~

*so emo de this post.. haha.

read or don’t read.. up to you..

That’s all.




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