Greetings. I went Ikea with classmates last friday to do some research.. Love Ikea.. How actually you pronounce IKEA? E-Kea? I-Kea? confused…. picture below were took in Ikea.



Lunch Time.. you can’t imagine how she enjoy foods!! KIMBO… Bimbo?!

erm..That oven gloves lar… Just playing with it.

 One of the toilet bowl in Ikea.

My new room!?

boOkworm wanna be?!^*

Tea time at The Curve, Big Apple… hmm.. prefer JCo. Delicious!!


I did mention in the previous post that I’m not going out today… but I still went out!!! to Times Square with my housemates,din’t spend any money on stuff other than food. =D look at pictures below, all the cloths and price..Its so tempting!!!! =S

10RM 25RM 15RM… $$^* cheap? erm.. but not sure good quality o not.

gasoline- a restaurant that served chinese and western food. Something special about the restaurant is the Interior design… different branch have different design with the Pirates concept.. I like the one in Sunway Pyramid.. the Interior is like on old ship.. antic style.. Its Cool… but the food, average average lor…

Japanese style, sit on the floor to eat…

even waiter also have to kneel down to list our orders.

The picture on the table were Egypt’s Art which reminds me that I haven’t finish doing my history journal. (Lunch also have to think about assignment… haiz)

This is the branch in Sunway Pyramid, old Ship design.


Ryan!!! Thank You for the donuts… Happy now? hahahahaa.. make me gain weight  nia lor.

Yummuy yummuy yum~

Gotta go draw sketches… going to KLIA later around 11pm, accompany Kimbo to pick up her mom,who is coming back from Miri today.. so yea.

Enjoy reading.