Hosanna  Hosanna Hosanna in the Highest

Its Sunday, I went to church this morning… I came KL for 3months already, today is the second time I went to church. Transport problem? sick? overslept? all sorts of reason come out whenever Sunday come. ='(

Anyway, I met new people.. mostly Youths, they are friendly… some are from my Uni, some are from MMU. So yea, In the morning… a lady(Audrey) will pick me and friends up to go church, 45mins to reached the church. Far oo? Church starts at 10am and ends around 11plus pm, then joined the youths to lunch. This morning, while waiting for Audrey at the plaza of my hostel, Mukami(my classmate from Kenya) she walked towards the plaza… she told me she is late for church, she have to use bus and train in order to go to church she used to go. I told her that she can follow me to church, if she wants.. So, Audrey picked us up and we head to the church… when we almost reach the church, Mukami said the church she used to go is somewhere here… its called Dream Center. Audrey overheard and said that- Yea, we going to Dream Center. I told Mukami ” erm… I don’t think you’re late for church!”


High school graduation photo, used it for my library and ID card.

When I went to register my library card, the librarian asked me:” why is it slanting?” hahaha.. I don’t know how to answer… I know I love the pic and miss high school.

There you go~ I promised one of my friend that I will show her the Black VIP card.. memeber card of Mini toons. Cool right the card? ” Be Black! ”


Hmmm… tomorrow is a public holiday, I can’t beleive that I can saty at home and finish my assignement while all my housemate are going out to shopping.haizzz… Poor Jane.. ='(