We gathered at campus around 9am. The school bus sent us there. In the bus, before we depart, briefing of assigment were given by lecturer. I took lots of picture on the way to the destination. Our motive to the gallery is to get inspiration from all those masterpieces. There are lots of artworks by various artists. I got inspiration for my final project le.*wink wink* Oh yea guys, sorry yea.. camera are not allowed inside the gallery, so dint take any picture of the artwork. (One of my friend got caught taking picture inside. POOR GUY!! Luckily they gave him back the camera.) No camera mean we have to sketche… each of us have to do 5 sketches.. I did more than 5, I guessed the others do more than 5 too… FOR BACKUP!!!!


at the main entrance. There are more Arch student than ID student.

The one Kilometer world, pen drawing.

Long? the guy with red shirt is the artist… (Long drawing, Long hair) Lame me?!!

 we were invited to the talk(boring) about arts at the hall inside the art gallery. The professor got talk bout Brunei’s art sumore… a bit shocked!! hehehe.. One of our classmate walk out halfway during the talk, then everyone stand up and walkaway on the same time, more than half of the hall is empty after we leaved.we went out the hall and start drawing. 

elephant wanna be. (that’s one of the biggest painting outside the gallery)

outside the gallery.

this Pak Cik reminds me of my hometown. (Sarawak) I wondered how long does he have to take to careved the whole thing.

I finished my sketches early, then my friend and I went exploring outside the art gallery and found this red egg. For my culture, during birthdays we usually eat RED-dyed egg. Whose birthday is coming? get this egg for he/she as birthday present. wakakaka…

bread + ice cream= roti Kahwin


needa go buy groceries now, will stop here for this post.