went to Mines shopping mall after site visit with my friends. Yogur berry… is super super erm… what leh? Its SUPER SUPER smooth and creamy, plus toppings sumore…then it will become SUPER X3 YUMMY!!! =P

This bowl of ice-cream cost rm16, with 5 toppings( coctails, strawberries, bananas, mangoes, waffles)

Hey people, have you ever try vanila ice -cream with banana? go try out, you can make it yourself, buy vanila ice-cream, don’t have to be cardbury brand.. than get a banana, cut into slice, eat it with vanila ice-cream. Taste good!!!

Okay, u must be thinking I’m so childish, how old le still play this kind of stuff.. Oh well, Its because, we spent $10 over on the ice-cream in the shop($10-one shoot), so I were given a chance to shoot lo.. Whatever I shoot on is what I will get for free… Warm Up!!!.. reload…!!! Aim.. SHHHHOOOTTT!!! BannGG…

I aimed the blue pie and I shooted on the Blue pie, got a Frozen Yoghurt Single ice-cream with three toppings.CONGRATS, Jane!!! That’s the most expensive one among all.. !! My friend shhoooted on the greeennn pie (frozen yoghurt mini). Haven’t eat the free one, will go back someday (before July).

-continue on my research on “Beach House”. Enjoy reading.