Its 6 in the morning now…

and I’m here blogging… (wow Jane, u wake up so early arr!!) I din’t sleeppp at all… because I’m rushing with my journal which I have to pass up on thursday… No its not last minute.. Its last 2 minutes. =p



that day I wore this shirt to shopping then…

I saw the same shirt as mine in one of the shop… erm, only the size different la.

buy buy buy groceries…

wah!? buy so many Milo…!!! my friend and I were so curious why they buy so many Milo… we kapo then go ask the cashier, they said its because the milo is cheap( rm24, the normal price is rm28) but one full troley of milo, too exagerated le bah… (they open kopitiam?)



Eng Kee and me… at starbucks. Caramel Cream taste good!! trust me.

and I dunno what happen to Eng Kee face. =p


Rox, Jyn, Jane.

Cute?! this is for massaging… by hitting.

we seriously need this, especially while we were doing assignment.

i bought a dolphin one… =D

My housemate, Lili… from China. Its her birthday yesterday.

a group photo with the birthday girl. =D


so Lame!!! that’s what people thinks about me. haizz.. =S