Supper. Yesh, supper to recharge our energy… Energy used up in assignment but assignment not done yet. So yea, my friend drove to the nearest Mamak for our supper last night… (roti pisang, roti tisu, mee gorng… Nyamaaann sekali!!!)


She really can eat..!!! Neh, she din’t eat all that la, some are ours!!

Eat lots le must do exercises de…=D

Battery full! got semangat cont’ do assignment le.

love this pic. =)

I ordered roti tisu. When my food come, the waiter said roti tisu (very loud), the people(from our hostel too) behind me heard it. Then, they start discussing how the people make roti tisu.

 ” I think they put tissue papers inside, in order to make roti tisu” one of the people said.

when  I heard, I burst out laughing.