1.       Thou shalt get a Life.

People with lives do not have to be dating someone to feel good about themselves.

2.       Thou shalt use your Brain.

Using your head in matters of the heart.

Balance the head and the heart.

Refrain from physical intimacy.

Avoid serious dating.

Include others in the process

Never neglect opportunities to evaluate along the way.

3.       Thou shalt be Equally Yoked.

The Spiritual and Social connection.

4.       Thou shalt Take it Slow.

To know a person better takes time.

5.       Thou shalt Set Clear Boundaries.

All healthy relationships require good, solid and well-defined relational boundaries.

6.       Thou shalt Save Sex for Later.

You experience wholeness, your self-esteem will be higher, avoid dangerous or deadly diseases, value your body(past , present and future.)

7.       Thou shalt Not Fall for Sex Lies.

You will lose your self-respect, as well as true security in your relationships, if you break this commandment.

8.       Thou shalt Not Ignore Warning Signs.

Deadly signs- Abuse,addictions, emotional baggage,denial, disrespectfulness.

9.       Thou shalt Choose Wisely.

If you date and then marry the wrong person, you will live with significant, negative, and lasting consequences of that decision for the rest os your life.

10.   Thou shalt Take action.

Identify which laws you are violating, and then take action.


“ The 10 commandments of dating” by Ben Young & Sam Adams