hey people… there you go, the before and after of my room…

before (original):

*see the curtain so thin… how to sleepppp till lateeee latee…hahaha



after (Jane’s design):

not that messy liao… more space( to do assignment) and more comfortable.
info: sleep on the floor not good yea, must put a support below, remember!!!
the white table, the carpet and the cute baskets(red, blue, green) are all from Ikea.
see the blue stripes bag below my table? its my notebook de bag…
Art corner… put all assignment and art stuff in
that black and white box ( to prevent things from flying all over the place)
I sprayed the shelf de leh… actually its wood de colour, so old-fashioned… then I sprayed it black.
*people, no idea how to design your room, come and find me yea… =) 
reminder: Tomorrow is April Fool ooo… carefull people. hehehehe… =D
that’s all.