Yes!!! My camera is back!!!  =D *memory card is going to be full again…

hmmm.. camera is really important for me nowadays… have to use it to take the notes on the board … it is more faster.

So yea, nothing much things happen this few days… Met with Yii Sian, Eng Kee, Ryan and Gabriel… all same Uni with me. got meet other brunei people too..a girl from JIS (who accompany to play basketball here) and she is in the Brunei National team… If I’m not mistaken.~ Pssst JUdy… Yii Sian cooked well.. no worries liao you.. ehem. That day I went over to Sian and Kee’s place to have dinner… They cook better than me..~Whhhoopss… and they place are so clean and got rules for that house sumore… Owkay, my house isssss very very dirty… (clean up today liao le) cause everybody is so so busy with assignment… So dirty that the house cleaner don’t dare to come and clean for us.. Kesian la us. Nway, I spent the whole day to do all the cleaning today with one of my housemate… Its CLEAN now… and I DIY my room too… with roomate, on the same time learn how to be a professional designer… hehehehe…I LOVE to go IKEA. One of the reason I DIY my room also la(inspired by them) bought stuff from IKea yesterday… and my room now is much more like a home and its more relaxing… will show you guys soon.. =) tat’s all for today post.