SPM result is out today…

My friend: “Jane, why u so calm de? u not worry what result u get meh?”

Me: “hahahaha, my result were out for like how many months lo…!!”


Congrats!!! He is Jeffrey… who scored 10 A1 and 2A2. (Clap  Clap Clap…)

… congrats to the other Malaysian friends too…!!!


Okae, assignment is getting harder and harder, more and more… really can’t enjoy liao(but I’m still here blogging, hahaha…) and I have to redo my ABC assignment…hmm, cause.. I din’t write technically and I used pen to write my name… haizzz!!! Today I learnt how to draw straight line without using ruler, the lecturer are super cool, the way he taught us to draw. nway, more to learn la.. so will go step by step..and do what I am suppose to do la.. =)


rejected work.