Yes, Its fly and Landed . a butterfly… (6ocmX60cm)

draw 1

CoOl right that drawing? the purple shirt guy drew himself,

when we are asked to draw something that represent us and

 introduce ourself with the drawing to the whole class.

draw 2

Ah Jyn.drew himself too.

draw 3

haha.. my drawing!!! I drew myself too, but don’t look like me lo…

When I put my frindge up:

The girls say: “hey, nice hair…!”

The boys say: “Eh, put down ur frindge bah..”

hmmm…. I will put half down and half up next time.

hahaha, my frindge too long liao, so i pin up lo…

draw 4

CooL? my mobile wallpaper currently.


*will post up the picture of the butterfly tomorrow, if possible la.. and tmrw its the carnival, dunno the lecturer will choose our butterfly ma… will see Tan Sri Dr Lim Kok Wing tomorrow.yeah.. seen him on the picture only.