Today, First day of class.. so tired leh. (One lesson last for 3-4 hours)Got assingement arr… haizz.. have to make something that can fly and have to present it on this Friday(if we are the top 5 or 3 la). only can use straws, newspaper, strings, cardboard.. how to fly leh without using batteries or candles!!! what a difficult assingement at the start…




(creative studies lessons) everybody so serious arr..(only first day of class leh), drawing sketches… I also got draw oohh… is just I’m not inside the pictures. =)

intro to design lesson.
my classroom are labeled as Arch 1, Arch 2.. till Arch 19(if not wrong)

Finally, lunch time liao…my stomach grumble during class.. I asked my classmate, if I can tapao and bring it to the class to eat kah?  then she answered me ” You can do anything in Uni !! ” nice answer yea. hahaha… (during primary and secondary time, cannot bring food back to class de lor, but i still curi curi bring back la.)shhh… junior, don’t learn yea.

roomate.Yvonne from Miri.
me&classmate.Suxin from Kota Kinabalu.
 her birthday falls on 1st of September.
OneWorldClub-students playing pool.
Chok Jit
Yeah.. finally can go home.
Chok Jit, the Freshie Queen!! from kL, an athelic, doing Architecture.
creativity book
LimKokWing Creativity.this book cost Rm 90.
its very thick and expensive but inside contains
 lots of artwork, which is very d’ cool.
I accompanied my housemate to buy some art stuff yesterday… Wow, its so expensive lo.
I bought some of it first tough teacher hav’nt ask us to buy. I taught all the stuff I bought will be below RM100. Wah, when the Lau Pan Nian write the bill arr… I looked at my friend with mouth opened widely. I spend RM189.. is consider cheap lo, the rest spent RM 200 plus to RM 400 plus. There’s one guy who followed us to buy, he spent RM1000… cause he helped his another 2 friends to buy. he went to bank to withdraw liao still not enough.
Love this shop. eventough its messy…
the boss very pro ar, I said I’m doing interior design
then he will take out and show me whaat I need.
When he saw us … he asked “You guys are from LKWuni?”
Wah, we din’t even tell him… how he know orh.
(That’s mean lots of senior buy stuff at his shop)
this box of rotating set cost RM 89. banyak mahal lah!
claim …claim it…
okie, my group are waiting me to do the fly thingy..