*sniff sniff…. I’m sick… arrghh…

 Wow, its saturday night, why am I here??… I’ m suppose to go YF…

 just got back from Sungei Wang, went there by Rapid KL (bus)* you just have to pay RM1 then you can travel anywhere in KL. I’m sick now cause I went under the rain just now, while transiting to another bus. This is my first time using bus, good experience indeed!!! Later, reached KL central… buy ticket, then  used Monarail to Sungei Wang. I like to use monarail… hahaha… but very pack lo. especially after working time, people’s going home. Oh, why I go sungei wang? not to do shopping de… but still went to shop with my roomate and housemate. My housemate’s friends (all indonesian) asked me to got with them, to help them bargain the price( cause I know how to speak Chinese) of the camera. If I know how to speak cantonese, it will better. hehehehe… people here mostly speak cantonese lo. I want to learn!!teach me!!  indonesian friends here are friendly and very funny.They taught I’m from Thailand at the first place and some even taught I’m from China. hahaha… nvm, so mistery leh!!! 

‘Hi I’m Jane, nice to meet you !” I’ve been saying this for the past few days…(whenever I meet new people)

” I’m Malaysian, but I’ve been staying in Brunei since I’m young!”  then they will said” Huh!!! Brunei, Wu Chun de place right!!”  they asked a lot about Wu Chun stuffand I have to answer one by one, he ada banyak fans la!!! another thing  people here know about Brunei is, The Sultan of Brunei is very Rich!!

Ok nvm, back to the topic. Camera.. oh they bought it in Low Yat… when they were buying I’m still in sungai wang.. din’t help them with the bargain lo. =( Later, they asked me to help them to bargain the price for the tripod stand… but, din’t help lo.. cause were at somewhere buying some stuff. haizz.., nvm.. I also dunno what is the lowest price for the camera and the tripod. so yea..~

so not right, the style of holding the camera…
*eyer… got stomach.. fat fat!! * hahaha…
the professional… he study graphic design
one of the picture I took in KL central.
While I’m taking pictures, my housemate suddenly
put her hand in, aim the person and asked me to capture. so yea..
my lunch. *Judy* =)
its not real phone but it looks real. is kindda expensive here.
Rm 1
cheap leh? wash and Cut RM1 nia leh… wherelse can you get this?
 nway, I din’t try la..
“I’ ll follow you… wherever you go….” * Digi.
never go atm during weekends la… unless you can wait patiencely.
I got no choice, so have to go and withhdraw money today,
if not I can only do window shopping.hehehe…
jane and ais
 The Bee… me&Ais
(housemate, from Jakarta, Interior Design)
dead end
Huh? dead end…
I’ve been searching and want to eat this medicine today… Where can I get it? there’s no chinese medicine shop here la. Mummy help me!! I’m coughing, I need Pi Pa Kao la… I went to Guardian. impossible they will have it right. Nvm, forget it la… go home drink more water.. Then when I went home, my housemate said that I should eat medicine. “Yea,.. but I don”t know where to get the chinese medicine…”I replied. 
 she asked” how does it look like the medicine you want to buy? What’s the name?”
then I said ” arrr… nevermind.. I will drink more water.” ( I wonder If I explained to her or tell her the medicine’s name, I don’t think she will know cause its chinese medicine, so I’ll just skip it.)
After a while, I cough again… she looked at me and said “Oh, I got medicine…” she ran to her room and took the medicine(Pi Pa Kao) and showed me. When I saw it I’m a bit shocked lo… I thought only chinese people will know/eat/have that medicine.