Susan’s leaving to Singapore tomorrow.8am flight… so early weh.
Just talked to her on the phone just now.Susan ar Susan..hmm..
tomorrow morning arrr, you will fill regret making the decision to go overseas study.
cause I felt like that too on the day i left.
Nevermind, when you get there… you settle everything… then will be alright de.
No matter what problems you face, don’t give up.. seek God for help yea.
and continue to walk on His path.
 I sent you off on the day I left. so I will not be at the airport tomorrow.
haha.. funny pic. I miss the time taking pictures with you all…
hmm, I knew Susan when I’m in primary 3.
She sit beside me, we used the same things.
hairband, pencils… so on.
Her birthday is on th 23rd of Sept and mine is on the 26th of Sept.
so we are the September Lady.
Few days different nia..
susan and Jane
Actually we knew each other while we are in the womb.
My mom and her mom went check up at the clinic in Brunei.
then, her mom went to Kuching to give birth…
My mom delivered me in Sibu…
so… erm, after the clinic check up till primary 3 ..
we don’t know each other.
nway… Gal, Wish you all the best in your study.
Do your very best yea…
will meet up during holidays…
or I go find you on the 23rd of Sept?
KL to Singapore not that far la..