Hey people, sorry for the late update.

Okay.. everything is fine here, I guess. mmm, only the internet connection lor… I’m online now, cause my roomate let me use her account…

Time really flies… I’m here for about 1 weeks plus… I’m trying to get use to it… and yea, New Friends, New Life….New  Chapter indeed.but I still miss my peoples in Brunei…. =( So yea, the campus… really very huge lor… all the block look the same, luckily they used colour to diffrentiate.and there are many staircases, will get confused sometimes. I used school bus to travel to school from hostel… the school bus will also send the student(those who stay at the hostel only)to shopping mall that are nearby everynight(according to bus schedule)…

When I saw the orentation schedule… headache Man!!! It last for two weeks… Oh No please…!!!can I skip?? I skiped last week 2 days orientation and went shopping with my parents…want to spend more time with them ma!!! hehehe… The pass few days orientation was FUN, its not like what I’ve taught… Lecturers talking talking talking…!! Got talking lar, the way they talk will keep you awake and make you excited….!!! Yea, made new friends from KK, Autralia, KL, China, Indonesia, Korea… The student ambassador are very friendly, people who work at the school all wear black cloth, so its COOL (they said that). The school canteen….erm, foodcourt… got many choices of food. They divide it as: Western Food, Chinese Food and Malay Food. You have to go to the cashier counter to make your order and payment first. Then take the receipt and bring it to the food counter… You can’t buy directly from the food counter.Oh, the foodcourt name is “Makanlah!!!” malaysians always end words with ‘lah !’, I think so lah!

I went to KL town with parents last week, Sungei Wang, Mid valley, Tessco, KLCC…. Well, my hostel is very far from town, can’t go town easily…so while my parents is here, can go shopping!!!! yeah~ well, when they are not here, I’ll also find a way to go out(apart from school)… I’m not the type of person who can stay at home for one week… I CAN’T !!! I will fall sick if I stay at home everyday. I want to move around… and explore more yea!!!


Desaria Villa Condominium. The block I’m staying at are not in

the picture, nway.. all the block looks the same.


Lim Kok Wing Uni’s bus.(that I used to school)


sexy lips!! Its a symbol!!! guess what it represent..?


symbol that represent Man’s washroom.

whose Idea is this?? creative people!!!


filming!! filming!! at the campus foodcourt.


this is the first meal I cooked here. not bad warh??

Rynn and Jane

hiak hiak… love this picture. =)

what time?

forever de couple.

 double expresso

UC, your double expresso!!!


bapa John and baby John.


Canon Ixus 75. The old one(Canon Ixus 90) are in the Hospital.


Yeah! got party tonight, Gala High Tea… its for Freshie(New Student)at the campus…so will use bus to school later at 5pm and the party ends at 2am. WoO~ They invited a lot of local performers (band, singers,…) got basketball dribble show somemore… get to see performance by senior too!!! * the above is a picture of the ticket for the party tonight. designed by one of the graphic designer student.