I’ve packed everything that I’m suppose to bring… It will be nice if I can pack my family and friends in my big big bag!!! Rice cooker, hair dryer, clothes, pants, perfume, toothbrush…. All Checked !!! Well, I din’t really do the packing, my mom did it for me!!! I’m suppose to pack myself… okay, this is the one last time mummy pack for me.I think… cause from tommorrow onwards I have to do things by myself, papa mame will not be my side to help me liao… Nvm, that’s how I learn to be more independence right? ehseh… hehehehe…


summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:heys..summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:ready liau?J a n e. says:not readysummerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:i really hope yu’ll keep yurself strong&always think twice in kl yah?

J a n e. says:hahaJ a n e. says:yea…summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:yu’ll be alone sooner or later.summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:take good care of yurself.

summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:because i care.J a n e. says:i’ve been listening to advice these days/..summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:must ah.summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:pls.

summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:yur a girl somemore.summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:im worried bout you too.summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:hais.summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:im sorry i couldnt send you off tomoros.

summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:bcos of school.summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:nevertheless,you’ve been a blessing in my life.summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:and i thank you for that..summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:yu have been the best sister ever. (;

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:its not all the time i can make yu cry mah.summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:usually i’ll be the one making you laughh. summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:right?

summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:hahaha summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:so now its the time to cry la.summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:tomoro yu leaving me ALL alone in BORING brunei. summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:next time i need people to talk to and tell me lame jokes how leh/

summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:? summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:when i feel like going jolibee just to buy fries how leh?summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:when i need someone to help me buy things and choose the nice one how leh? summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:all this jane help me.summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:all i noe is i’ve been thru alot of good times with you.

summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:&some bad times. summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says:but we always manage to get bakc on our feet.summerlove¨kai’s·¹¹¹²· † »stillgoingstrong&hangingon<3 -iwaitedlikeafool;stupid« says: both of us. ——————————————————————————————————————————————


– sorry, dunno how to save the conversation in msn, so a bit mess… just copy and paste… 

I’m Proud to have this Sister.