Valentine partner 

 She- my valentine partner. Huh? A kids, your  valentine partner…?

Who say you can’t celebrate valentine day if you are single. You can celebrate it with friends, find those who are single, don’t disturb the couples… ehem. Chocolates chocolates, Roses RosesLove LoveHug Hug.. .Kiss Kiss Happy Valentine Day!!! Lovely couples, enjoy the celebration with your laopo/laogong…honey/babe… dear/darling. Arrr…whatever you call them… Love them with 98% of your heart.  If you missed the celebration  today, don’t worry. Wait till 14th of March, White Valentine, then replace what you had missed…   =)


This little girl is my cousins, my Valentina. The nurse name her that. Uncle ar Uncle, what a great present u had received from aunt…!!! This little girl is very daring…


Valentina Ching.Happy Birthday !!!

& Happy Valentine Day.

baby fight

Grow older liao, don’t fight le…