Happy Chinese New Year !!!

I’m sick (starting on the 3rd day of CNY). Well, not only me… my bro, sis and my cousins also suffered the same pain . Fever and Stomachache… Yet, I still enjoy my time in Kampung with family and relatives especially with my CUTE little cousins, we only get to see each other once a year. They had grown up and changed a lot. My CNY celebration were okay… angpao, painian, took family pictures… this year new year eve were so silent in my hometown, no fire cracker… everybody sleep so early. But the first day of Chinese new year, were so noisy(CNY mood)…people playing fire crackers. The Lion dance came to our shophouse on the second day of CNY, so fire crackers again and air filled with smokes. Can’t stand the smell. But I have to tahan while taking pictures.In the aftrernoon, there’s a group of people(one representatives from each family at  the kampng) came to our house to painian, our house were the last house, they din’t even take of shoes just  come in like that… some already drunk. Ooohh, I ate durian… super cheap and yummy!!! Day 3- Sick day. Day 4- to Bintulu, went to shop at the new shopping mall there… Bintulu improved a lot. Its a good thing… Day 5- to Miri and I met my roommate. Day 6- back to Brunei… YeaH!!! but I got 6 more days only to enjoy…  


CUTE !!!! My cousin’s baby daughter.

Lion dance

Lion dance.


Giant Durian. anyway my brother don’t eat durian.

nee and Wei

another cousin’s son.


sister and cousins. Banyak Gaya!!!

zhi wei

 cousin posing with her test papers. She scored 100% for both.