were thinking about applying for scholarship today, then in the evening, when I read the Chinese newspaper I saw this…


Sin Chew Newspaper offering  scholarships(over 786 thousands). I got so excited and told my Dad, they offered  to various colleges and Uni, Lim Kok Wing were one of them… So I went on9 to download the application form.then I found that they don’t offer to all courses only to certain courses… the course that I’m doing were not on the list… =(
and the requirements is not high(different college, different requirements)  so its easy to get, I think… Oh ya, its only for malyasians…so malaysian’s friends out there, if you  had planned to study in KL or Kuching, try to check is the college that you want to get in on the list and also try to apply for it. This is a good changes… =) Gotta be fast yea..~
visit: www.sinchew-i.com/edu/special/scedufund05/
I want to apply for scholarship because my fees are really expensive… Dad actually don’t let me take the course I wanted de (the fees lor, out of the budget and also Idesign is not an easy job)…  he asked me to take some other courses… so OK lor. Listen to him lor (but I still want to do IDesign)…but On the next Morning(i’m still on the bed) my mom went into my room and said: “Jie, Papa asked you to called the consultant services lady, tell her that you want to change your course to foundation in built and environment(IDesign).” Then she walked away( I am only half awake)…later, I asked my mom why suddenly ask me to call them(thought papa said cannot change). she said :”just now papa called back asked me to tell you that you can change.” I replied: “he called arr?(actually he can just wait till he come back for lunch to tell me lor) mom replied:” Yalor he called back and said let you do what you want.” ( Serious arr? Its going to be 5 years leh, fees not cheap lagi)  My heart melted, tears almost droped… ( I prayed that God will give me an answer on which course should I choose, Dad’s called is an answered).Thank God for this!!
Thanks Dad for letting me to study what I want to, I will work hard de, whatever I had promised you, I will do it!
* IDesign – Interior Design
Went to Mc Donald with Vince, Harv and bro just now. damn Full… the lady gave us Extra Free Fries…untung leh. and we ordered  1 Mac burger  but she gave us extra 2 Mac burger.but I think she got charged la… nt sure!!  used Vince’s McDonald member card, so  got one free fries again… will try to get the member card when i go KL… ( Judy, I think u need to get one also) hehehe… =) went to Mall Arcade too… played photohunt… got addicted with it…wonder if I can buy the machine and put in the house, then can play anytime.hahaha…

Double cheeseburger, which I usually order when Igo McDonald.

john and Harv

John Vs Harv.

1st round: 89-104

2nd round:108-103

bro beat Harv in second round.


Harv. I would say he is a good driver.


received a gift(placed at my house’s letter box) few minutes ago…

hmmm…. cause I’m leaving Brunei soon… =(


Sony’s pendrive.Thank a Lots!!* you know who you are…

this is my second time receiving pendrive from friends. The first one is from Winnie as my birthday present (she got it  with  hardwork). Thanks a lot Winnie!!!  =)


Going to Miri tomorrow and back to hometown on Friday for Chinese New Year!!! not sure if I can go on9 at my hometown… anyway, Wish you all have a blessed Chinese New year !! God Bless!