Wow~ haven’t update my  blog for a week, something wrong with the wire connection, couldn’t online. Bought new wire just now, so can write new post. Okae, results is out…happy with my results tough I didn’t score any ‘As’. aimed for all credit but I only got 8o’s, din’t do well in my english.gotta read more books  to improve. I scored B for my Art, I’m happy with it because I had proved it to my Art teacher that I CAN DO IT tough I didn’t  attend  Art Class. When I told her  that I want to take art exam in ‘O’Level exam, she don’t let me at the first place… then I confronted her baru she let me take. Worse is, she said I can’t get A only can pass after paper 1 exam, I ignored her…continue to do my best in paper 2 and 3. Form 5 ex-classmates and ex-schoolmates, Congratulations!!! guess now everyone is busy applying for college or Uni.the consultant services will be very busy this week. Some of my friends even start school already, like those who enter to JIS and ISB.I think if they don’t enter earlier in January they have to wait till yea~..It seems like everybody is separating, some to Australia, Miri, KL, Phillippines and other countries to do abroad studies, some still in Brunei. Everyone is going in different ways!!

Hang Out.

Last Friday, went to meet my Form 3 tution teacher, didn’t go to the beach with Daniel they all.So went to the mall with teacher, Judy and Pin Jia.We talked bout our Future,our  ambition.. Judy want to be a Secreatary or a Teacher.Susan-businesswoman?sumthing bout business la…Pin Jia-a Dentist or a Pilot. Then accompany Judy to buy DVD cartoon for her sister, She bought the DVD for $3 whereas the other shop only sale for $2.50.She were thinking to returned the $3 DVD back and refund the money back and buy the $2.50DVD.See how CUTE is Judy.tat’s my friend!!miss you gal!! Anyway ,should make a servay first before buying something.hehehe…*one way to save $$$.

meet wth teacher

Teacher. P.Jia. Judy. Me


P.Jia with Swensons.

100 pound

teacher’s 100 pound. $$$$



Jane and Judy

playing with sunglasses.

Gathering at  Lynn’s  house.

yea.. gathering at Lynn’s house last thursday… Karaoke, Red wine, take pictures, stories…


natural pose. don’t think they know I took this picture.

judy and susan

Susan and Judy. 


Judy.hope you like this picture gal!!

Jia and Judy

Drama Queen.

Saturday Night.

Finally, I get to step into TWELVE cafe… hehehe… not bad not bad. but the food a bit expensive lor, went to Kiulap Mall too, picture shop with Sharon, Alyssa, Adeline, U.Chai, BCheng… and others.


Twelve cafe

jane and Sharon

Love the Hat


Picture team- Vincent(the driver), BCheng, Willie and me. its FUN !! we drove from May fang to Tasek Lama to Tamu at bandar then to Damuan to Jerudong beach than to Berakas recreational Park. Picture Picture…Guess Guess…Think Think…!! Enjoy it~


one of the photo we took for the pic hunt at Tasek.