Finally, I get to online and update my blog. am at aulait now wth Jeff, Daniel and P.Jia.

Jeff  and Wen Li leaving  to Australia soon… I’m going to miss this 2 friends…

pinjia: hi everybody!! hahahaha.. support jane’s blog!!1 but b4 u do.. support mine first!! muahahaha.. peaceout!!!

yea yea… Pin Jia and Sharon complaining that my blog’s post is short… yea, i admit… give me time la.. i will improve  de…promise will post longer next time.

many things are coming up… hmmm… high Tea at Lynn Lynn’s house on Thursday, meet out with form 3 tution teacher on or to beach wth Daniel they all and leadership meeting at night on Friday, movie night on saturday, Treassure Hunt on Sunday morning.

Yea~going to meet out with my classmates, memory card is going to be full again…wakakakaka…take picture. =)

a short post again.