there you go~ the picture that appears on Teens magazine..


Actually I sent out two pictures… but only one was posted…. hmmm .. nvm..So SUSAN, LYNN, WINNIE… buy this month de Teens magazine yea…


I went for Paskistanese food just now…. or was it Indian?

Food was delicious…. I had strawberry favoured Lassi, which tasted a bit like yoghurt..Lassi – a very popular drink in this establishment just across Dream Cones in Kuilap..

so went for ice-cream after dinner…


Isaac enjoying his ice-cream.

Jane and Andy

Andy blanja me the ice-cream. I ate chocolate mint flavour ice-cream. try this flavour when you are going dream cones.

Jane and Sharon

Me and Sharon, feeding  each other.

makan makan

at the restaurant, she’s not feeding me here. =(

 Bye Bye…

with love: Jane